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Yours To Carry

Artist Kimberly Reinagel, known for her uniquely beautiful hand stitched designs [Inst@flos.bykr] debuts her film, "Carry" at the opening of her Sotheby's Institute of Art show "Coalesco." Curated by Kimberly Reinagel, Gillian Smith & Antonia Ressle. A heart tugging exhibition featuring American contemporary artists Jordan Seefried and Kimberly Reinagel. The exhibition presents works from the oeuvre of both artists illustrating their approach to art making and their exploration of the central themes of relationships, family and loss.

The title of the exhibition derives from the Latin word Coalesco; to become unified, to grow together; coalesce. Featuring over fifteen works ranging from video to sculpture, the exhibition provides a display of works by both artists that dig into the themes of how family impacts the way we grow, develop, and process what we encounter in life.

Seefried is a Philadelphia based painter and sculptor who received his bachelor of Arts degree from Hampshire College 2014.

Kimberly Reinagel is a New York based visual artist.


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